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    Two friends hiking in the woods with their acorn everywear sandals on

    Built with Everywear™

    An amazing technology envisioned by our Vice President of Design and Development. We wanted to create a sole that would never wear out. And Everywear™ delivered.

    Designed to Last

    Everywear™ is 3x lighter than rubber, but just as durable. It is completely waterproof, with the ability to self heal from punctures. And not only that, it is antimicrobial, abrasion-resistant and will never bottom out.

    Meet the Styles

    Two women with their feet up against the sky, wearing the Riley Sandals

    The Riley

    A premium leather sandal designed to be weightless yet durable. Its Everywear™ sole is 3x lighter than rubber which makes walking feel effortless.

    The Grafton

    An adjustable sandal made with genuine leather. The Everywear™ sole massages your feet as you walk while at the same time offering the Acorn comfort you know and love.

    The Casco Sport

    A truly unique sandal. Our Casco Sport is footwear that desires adventure. It features an adjustable bungee cord toggle for the perfect fit, and a weightless Everywear™ sole. Not only that, the Casco showcases a ♻ recycled knit upper.