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    Acorn Stories! Here you'll find articles about our brand, products and adventures!

    Transforming the Idea of Algae

    Each year toxic algae blooms threaten wildlife and pollute their water sources. BLOOM Technology takes on the issue of freshwater pollution around the world by collecting and transforming the algae into all new sustainable materials.

    Magnifying Glass on Algae

    Algae-Infused Sustainable Footwear

    The story of transforming pollution into a sustainable resource. Acorn has taken BLOOM Technology into the comfort category. Along with our recycled yarns initiative featured in our Camden products, now a new form of sustainable slippers are joining our ranks.

    The Most Eco-Friendly Acorn Ever.

    Our algae-infused BLOOM Slippers feature the same Acorn comfort you know and love with the added benefit of sustainability. Many of our new styles offer recycled uppers paired with our new sustainable BLOOM foam sole. A perfect match for Acorn's most eco-friendly collection.

    Sustainable Outsoles

    These algae-infused soles offer the same durability as petroleum based materials without sacrificing the feel. The ideal sustainable alternative that helps protect freshwater sources around the world.